Motivational quotes to live by


You know those days when all you wish you could do is go to bed and hit the pause button. This can happen for no special reason you wake up and feel nothing, a bit off. Sometimes it happens when you’re dealing with a lot of things at once and you feel like you can’t take it anymore. Other times one single thing can go wrong and you´ll fall apart, and you can’t seem to find the strength to fix yourself.

Those detours aren’t meant to break you, even though it seems like it. They’re meant to make you stronger (what doesnt kill you makes you stronger). But in that moment when the strange feeling hits you, you don’t think of yourself as strong, as you really are.

I’ve had my share of those days. I know just how awful they can feel,¨you just want to disappear or to tune out, but you can’t. And you can’t always take an entire day to sleep it off or to just wait it out. So you just take a deep breath and keep going on in the right direction.

If you ever have one of those days or if you maybe have one today let these wise words inspire you to keep on going in the right direction.

“You can’t be afraid of what people are going to say, because you’re never going to make everyone happy”

“Like my friend Taylor says, the haters are gonna hate so just shake it off=

“Be the person you needed as a kid”

“Som see a weed, I see a wish”

“Before Alice got to wonderland, she had to fall”

“Difficult roads often leads to Beautiful destinations”

“It’s okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes we have to break Before we shine”

“Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason”

“Everything happens for a reason”

“Darling, don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first”

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, Beautiful, magical
person that you are”

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying”

“It Always seems impossible until it’s done”

“The older I´ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it”

“Go and make things you’ve dreamed about. Only you make your own rules”

“I don’t Think it’s fair that you have to base your self-worth on whether or not the cute guy likes you back”


My favorite quote: “I don’t think it’s fair that you have to base your self-worth on whether or not the cute guy likes you back”-Rowan Blanchard.  It was hard to choose one favorite quote, so I picked the one´of my role models said once. As the feminist I am, I mostly have women who speak and stand up for their believes in equality as my role models. And no matter what anyone else thinks I’m truly grateful for being a feminist and you should be too no matter what you believe in.



100 things to be thankful for


Hot peppermint coffee on a cold, winter day. Summer nights. Getting into your bed after a long and stressful. These are examples of the small things that makes life so special. They doesn`t get noticed so often, since we’re busy chasing something “bigger”. How often do you stop and smell the roses? How often do you consider yourself lucky?

100 Things to Be Thankful For.

1. Snooze button, especially on Monday mornings
2. Knowing how to be present.
3. Traveling.
4. Life.
5. Books.
6. Warm blankets.
7. Lazy weekends.
8. Friends.
9. The Sun.
10. Animals.
11. Laughter.
12. Family.
13. Youtube.
14. Your health.
15. Education.
16. A comfy bed.
17. Kindness.
18. Grace.
19. Holidays.
20. Movies.
21. Avocado toasts.
22. Music.
23. A good night’s sleep.
24. Flowers.
25. Fresh air.
26. Smiles.
27. Your home.
28. Running water.
29. Rainbows.
30. Blogs.
31. Being able to give and help others.
32. Midday naps. They don’t happen too often, but once they do…
33. Warm tea on a cold day.
34. Good hair days.
35. Music.
36. Sunsets.
37. Learning.
38. The past.
39. The present..
40. The Future.
41. Birds singing.
42. Art.
43. Hot showers.
44. Vacations.
45. Teachers.
46. Grocery stores.
47. Book stores.
48. The beach.
49. Days when everything goes right.
50. Good and bad days.
51. Cameras
52. Morning coffee.
53. Scented candles.
54. The ocean.
55. Cozy mornings.
56. Stand up comedy.
57. Freedom.
58. Electricity.
59. Cakes.
60. Your job.
61. Memories.
62. Long weekends.
63. Hummus.
64. Veggies.
65. Siblings.
66. Long conversations.
67. Forgivness.
68. The police, firemens and doctors.
69. The moon and the stars.
70. People who make you smile.
71. Feeling safe.
72. Warm socks.
73. People who inspire us.
74. Baby animals, because they are super cute.
75. Organic food.
76. Clear dry shampoo.
77. A big cup of coffee.
78. A big cup of tea.
79. A good workout.
80. Good and wise advice.
81. Long baths.
83. Farmers market.
84. Mother Nature.
85. Tough times because they make you stronger.
86. Dreams.
87. Special moments.
88. Change.
89. Kind strangers.
90. My phone and computer.
91. Generosity.
92. Fresh baked bread.
93. Home movie nights.
94. Finding old pictures.
95. Sweaters.
96. Washing machines.
97. Selfless people.
98. Facing your fears.
99. Kitchens.
100. Good hair days

50 things that makes me happy

As well as lot of us, I usually focus on the things that stresses me out or make me anxious. Of course that’s not the case for all of us, but a lot of us focus less on the things that makes us happy, and I believe that if we do that we will be happier. Focus on the good things in life can be hard and I hope that this will help you. Not only so you can get to know me better, but to help you remember that there is things that makes you happy, you just have to find these things.

Here are 50 things that makes me happy:

1. My family.

2. My best friend.

3. Books.

4. Road trips.

5. The smell of fresh laundry.

6. Baking.

7. Online shopping. I hate going to malls, even though I do it.

8. Eating healthy.

9. Watching youtube.

10. Scented candles.


11. Rainy days.

12. Spending time with my sister, she’s one of the very few people who gets to see that super embarrassing and geeky side of me.

13. Reading blogs.

14. Nail polish.

15. New makeup.

16. Watching funny movies.

17. Action flicks.

18. Reading a really, really good book. The kind that you can’t put away.

19. Blogging.

20. Writing.

21. Photography.

22. Sleep.

23. Nature.

24. Animals.

25. My camera.

26. Skiing.

27. Long summer nights.

28. Travel.

29. My grandparents.

30. Camping.

31. Spending time alone.

32. Smell of freshly cut grass.

33. Summer rain.

34. Christmas.

35. Summer.

36. Tea.

37. Being in USA.

38. Music.

39. Helping others.

40. Avocados.

41. Hanging with friends.

42. Motivational quotes.

43. Lazy days.

44. Baking.

45. Sea salt caramel ice cream.

46. Drawing.

47. Sitting in front of the ocean.

48. Genuine people.

49. Swimming.

50. This blog.


Hope you guys got to know me a little better.

Love, The Sweet L.

Homemade Caramel Latte


Caramel coffe and Fruit salad


Hey Guys!

I hope everyone had an amazing New years Eve and a good start of 2017!!!

I made this today to start the new year with a good snack, Caramel latte and a fruit salad. And I love how it turned out. Fruit salad most be the easiest snack ever to make and it´s so delicious. My fruit salad  contained Mango, Banana, Raisins and some shaved coconut. And since  I´m obsessed with coffee I also made myself a caramel coffe because with a good cup of coffe anything can be acomplished. Be ready for a new addiction to come your way, because this is seriously so good.

Homemade Caramel Latte


2 Shots coffe or espresso

7-9 Ounces hot milk

1 Tabelspoon of caramel sauce 

A pinch of salt, optional

Whipped cream or milk foam, optional


In a large glass or mug combine espresso, milk, caramel sauce and salt (if wanted). Stir until everything is mixed well. top with whipped cream or foam milk and  a little bit of caramel sauce for best result. Enjoy!


Welcome to my blog


Hey guys! I´m Lea Zetterberg. Welcome to my blog:) I will be posting about what I normally do  (fashion, eats, beauty, travel, inspiration and DIY´s) and what ever else I feel like sharing with you guys. I love writing and photographing so I think this will be really fun and I hope you´ll like it:) 

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Photo by Wilma Lundberg