Homemade Caramel Latte


Caramel coffe and Fruit salad


Hey Guys!

I hope everyone had an amazing New years Eve and a good start of 2017!!!

I made this today to start the new year with a good snack, Caramel latte and a fruit salad. And I love how it turned out. Fruit salad most be the easiest snack ever to make and it´s so delicious. My fruit salad  contained Mango, Banana, Raisins and some shaved coconut. And since  I´m obsessed with coffee I also made myself a caramel coffe because with a good cup of coffe anything can be acomplished. Be ready for a new addiction to come your way, because this is seriously so good.

Homemade Caramel Latte


2 Shots coffe or espresso

7-9 Ounces hot milk

1 Tabelspoon of caramel sauce 

A pinch of salt, optional

Whipped cream or milk foam, optional


In a large glass or mug combine espresso, milk, caramel sauce and salt (if wanted). Stir until everything is mixed well. top with whipped cream or foam milk and  a little bit of caramel sauce for best result. Enjoy!



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